From jerseys to wedding dresses.

I worked at ŠK Slovan Bratislava, where I experienced two fateful moments – I became the best player in Slovakia and met my future husband here.

I became the mother of two beautiful children and three books.

During my first pregnancy, I wrote three books for children, which I also illustrated myself: Soccer player Lucka, Mini Paťka and Mužíček a pes. All the characters are inspired by real people and in each of them you will find thoughts that adults will also think about.

I inherited talent from my father.

He was a restorer, a painter and the best father his daughter could wish for. He was my role model and still is an inexhaustible source of my inspiration.

My inspiration is family and big ideas.

Since I really like to read and look for inspiration in various quotes, I also started to connect them with my drawings.

I deal with motivational images and portraits.

In addition to general illustrations, from which everyone can choose, I also deal with personalized images tailored to the photo.

If you want to find my work, look for a small yellow chicken.

One of my first creations is this chicken, which I liked so much that I started adding it to every new picture – until someone once told me what a great signature I have. And so the chicken became my author’s mark.

Drawing has made me happy for 5 years now.

My husband is currently claiming that he will have to build an extra wall for all the pictures he has received from me. That is why I have decided to share my work and years of work with you. 🙂